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Terrace Party at Yassballet

The Terrace Party at Yassballet is one of the most favourite things for us and our students from the Yassballet’s Summer Courses.
A moment to combine dance with joy and meet all your friends to share an unforgettable moment of smiles and good music!!
Why are the terrace parties so famous?
Very simple, the decoration, the good humor, a delicious fruit buffet that is always included in the price and the traditional "Fika", plus the atmosphere from all the happy people and the animations from our dance teacher....
what else to expect for a saturday afternoon.??.. It is perfect time to meet you at the Terrace Party.
For more details, please visit our website: www.yassballet.com
Contact us:
Escuela Cubana de Danza "Yassballet"
Norra Gubberogatan 32
Göteborg, SE-416 63
Email: yassballet@rocketmail.com
Phone: 0729006812

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